The academic medical center (AMC) is the largest hospital in Amsterdam and is affiliated with the University of Amsterdam.

The AMC has over 1000 beds and 6843 employees work there.

Since 2007 the AMC has used 3D printers which were initially mainly deployed in the medical workshop. Since January 2015, the AMC also uses a Blueprinter M2 printer in addition to their FDM printing systems.

According to Mr. Meindert Rijpkema, manager of the medical workshop, the AMC has chosen to extend the existing 3D printing systems with a Blueprinter because of the dimensional accuracy of the printed parts, which it manufactures.

Also, the fact that even solid Blueprinter parts do not warp as is often the case when the same parts are printed by their FDM systems, and the higher level of detail of the Blueprinter parts mean that this SHS system is used more often.

One of the newest developments using the Blueprinter is an experiment with a resuscitation robot, where a holder for an optical system is made by their Blueprinter and attached on the CPR robot so that better control on the operation of the robot can be obtained.

The printed part from M-Flex material is strong enough to fixate the optical instrument in the right position and due to the flexible properties it does not hinder the CPR robot in its effect.