Create fully functional samples with Blueprinter
With Blueprinter, creating fully functional samples of prototypes becomes easy, providing you with high quality finished prints that are ready for tests and use in practice, before putting the final device into production.

What is 3D rapid prototyping?
3D rapid prototyping allows for fast and accurate printing of three-dimensional objects from CAD-data, by adding and binding given materials like various plastics, ceramics and metals, in layers. Also going by the name of 3D-printing or additive manufacturing, the method is ideal for developing new industrial products.

Excellent accuracy and the fast 3D rapid prototyping process make it highly suitable for prototype manufacture and small batch production. 3D-printing has proven to be beneficial for a wide range of industries such as engineering, design, education, medical and architecture. With regards to time-efficiency and precision the method has proven superior to drawings and clay models.

Blueprinter has made 3D-printing available, affordable and easy for everybody to use by replacing the expensive laser commonly used in SLS machines with a low-cost commercial thermal printhead working with 100% web based software. Blueprinter is designed to be installed at the office, requires little or no training and has no limitations regarding the shape and complexity of the objects it can print.

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